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I am taking part in different projects by which my colleagues and I hope to establish near-death experiences as a topic in science, society, theology and church. Those projects are, among others:
1) Editing of the monograph „Experiencing divine love: near-death experiences as approaches to Platonism and early Christianity“ in two volumes (approx. 700 pages). I will outline how the Platonic doctrine of prototypes and images (for instance Plato´s parable of the cave) and St. Paul’s turning point in life may root in experiences which we nowadays call near-death experiences (a term which is unfortunately too narrow) (Vol. 1). Volume 2 is concerned with the question how this topic may provide a new approach to the understanding of early Christian resurrection beliefs (to be released in spring/summer 2018, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht/Göttingen).
2) Regular interdisciplinary courses and conferences held at the University of Kiel.
3) Supervision of scientific papers and theses concerned with topics at the intersection of theology, philosophy, studies of religion and natural sciences (for further information on current projects, compare the descriptions given in the videos). 

4) Foundation of the “Kiel Academy of Thanatology” (for further information cf. the category).